About us

Deep Dive was established in 2013 as an independent market research and consulting agency. A new player in the world of research, but not new to the job! We are highly skilled professionals with years of experience in market research industry. Our office is located in Belgrade, Serbia, but we are also present in the region through our sub-contractors and partner agencies. There are three major points that differentiate Deep Dive from the others:

  • Consulting vs. Reporting:
Our engagement doesn’t end when we deliver a report or give presentation. Conclusions and insights should be discussed, activated, implemented. We offer interactive workshops and consider feedback from the client’s side essential;
  • Quantitative and Qualitative are not two worlds:
Findings need to be well integrated to make a comprehensive picture;
  • Tailor made solutions:
Our belief is that there are no truly universal, good-for-all solutions. Tools and methodologies should be adopted to meet clients’ needs. Each business problem is different and unique;