Our Team


Dejan Velimirović

Managing Director

1eec4b5 MBA, BA and MA in Psychology. More than 15 years of  work experience in marketing, market research and consultancy. dejan.velimirovic@deep-dive.rs

Zoja Borovčanin

Research & Innovation Director

SKC, LIRA VEGA, ZOJA, intervju foto: Sassa CColich Background in Psychology, accredited psychotherapist. 11 years of market research experience. Top qualitative research expert. zoja.borovcanin@deep-dive.rs

Dejana Jovičić

Research Director

ATT_1352563334135_photob BA and MA in Sociology. More than 7 years of  experience in marketing and market research. dejana.jovicic@deep-dive.rs

Predrag Petković

Research Manager

DSC_0042d Background in Psychology. Quantitative research specialist with 4 years of experience in managing projects  and reporting. predrag.petkovic@deep-dive.rs

Krešimir Đaković

Director of DP Department

kresimir_djakovic Background in Telecommunications, 12 years of experience. Data processing and analysis tools veteran, specialized in CAPI and CATI. kresimir.djakovic@deep-dive.rs

Nataša Ljepojević

Director of Data Collection Department

Natasac 9 years of  experience in managing and coordinating field execution for qualitative and quantitative projects. natasa.ljepojevic@deep-dive.rs

Minja Stojanov

Research Assistent

399622_10150492326313411_1447872052_nb BA in Organizational sciences. Experience in marketing.  minja.stojanov@deep-dive.rs